Top Intel Dem Destroys Trump's BS Putin Excuses in One Hilarious Quip

Top Intel Dem Destroys Trump’s BS Putin Excuses in One Hilarious Quip

Ranking Intel Committee Dem Adam Schiff Nails One-Liner On Trump Trusting Putin

As the investigation into Russian meddling in the 2016 elections continues, Republican Donald Trump and his surrogates have been looking for every excuse imaginable to take the heat off their backs. Even going out of their way to discredit the intelligence services their own appointees head has not been beneath the GOP.

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But the lamest excuse given by Trump has been regarding his face-to-face talks with Russian leader Vladimir Putin. In Trump’s mind, if Putin says he didn’t do it, then he didn’t do it. And nothing more needs to be said or investigated about the matter.

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Not surprisingly, considering the assessments of those intelligence agencies being disparaged by Republicans, many are not ready to take Trump at his word. And ranking Democrat on the House Intelligence Committee Adam Schiff needed just one hysterical sentence to point out the key reason why.

Schiff was discussing Russia and Trump earlier when he addressed the glaring hole in the president’s argument regarding Putin. He started (Video below):

[Trump] goes into the meeting…and he asks Putin “Did you do it?”  And lest we be skeptical that we could rely on the truth from this former KGB operative, he comes back and assures us that he had, not only asked Putin whether he did it, he asked him twice. 

Donald Trump claimed to have asked Vladimir Putin about the meddling during a meeting in November. Trump said he thought Putin really “means it” when he tells him Russia had no hand in the meddling. Some reports at the time stated Trump never actually brought the meddling up with Putin during the meeting.

Schiff then gives the real dagger of a punchline in his comments.

Apparently not even the most hardened of KGB operatives can lie more than once in a row.

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As many have pointed out before, it appears Donald Trump wants to believe Vladimir Putin over his own intelligence agencies in the Russia investigation. And if Putin is giving him the disinformation he wants to hear, why wouldn’t he and Republicans believe him? They clearly aren’t interested in letting the investigation come to a normal close without attacking the FBI and other agencies involved.

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