VICTORY! Blue Wave Sweeps Deep Into the Heart of The Biggest 'Red State' of All

VICTORY! Blue Wave Sweeps Deep Into the Heart of The Biggest ‘Red State’ of All

The Red State of Texas is Looking a Little More Blue After the First Primary of the Mid-Term Elections

To say that Texas is a red state would be an understatement. So, a rise in Democratic voter turnout for the first primary of the mid-term election season is a strong, welcome sign that people are not happy with how Donald Trump and the GOP are doing things. Democrats, including in the deep south, are energized and want to make sure this time around Republicans are voted out.

Heck, for that matter, as the Washington Post reports, many Republicans in Texas are not happy with Donald Trump. He has the lowest approval rating among Republicans than in any of the red states at just 39 percent. Democrats are hoping that this disenfranchisement with Trump will turn into victories for their party. This positive news doesn’t mean that Texas is suddenly a bastion of Democratic representation and it doesn’t mean that there isn’t a lot of work to do. But, none the less, it is an encouraging sign for Democrats. Dislike of Trump is encouraging more people to want to get rid of him.

As Politico reports, Democrats showed up in larger numbers than in the 2010 and 2014 mid-term cycles – double the number, in fact, at 1 million voters. For that matter, the Dems haven’t seen those voting numbers in Texas since 2002. Generally, 70 percent of voters who showed up in the primaries were Republican. This time around, more Republicans did still show up than Democrats – 1.5 million voters in all. BUT, the increased number of Democrats taking part is very encouraging. Hopefully this will be a trend that continues on throughout the country.

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There is another positive beyond the fact that Dems look to be gaining momentum. As PBS points out, many of the candidates that performed well in the primary were women.

“Of the nearly 50 women running for Congress in Texas, more than half won their primaries outright or advanced to runoffs. What’s more, at least three of those runoffs in May will feature women going head-to-head, including a key race for Democrats in their bid to take control of the US House this fall.”

And there is more positive news. The Trump administration has been far from LGBTQ friendly, what with notorious homophobe Mike Pence being the VP and efforts to turn back advances made by Obama aimed at protecting transgender students from discrimination. This has prompted more openly LGBTQ candidates to run – 49 in total!

Chuck Smith from Equality Texas spoke with Out Smart magazine about the record number of LGBTQ candidates:

“I think for many, the motivation to run is in sync with the adage, ‘If you’re not at the table, you’re on the menu. We have recently been witnessing a continuous assault on our rights and freedoms. It is only by raising our voices and securing our ‘place at the table’ that we can ensure our constitutional rights to equal protection under the law are preserved.”

So, in Texas, so far the good news is that the Dems had an impressive turnout of voters, women did exceptionally well and the LGBTQ community was well represented. All positive news.

But, the mid-term election season is long, and this is just the beginning. Progressives across the nation need to keep the momentum going.

The New York Times lists the full results from the Texas primary here.

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