GOP Lawmaker Disgraced, Resigns in Shame After Video Surfaces

GOP Lawmaker Disgraced, Resigns in Shame After Video Surfaces

Iowa Senate Leader Bill Dix Calls It Quits After Video Kissing Lobbyist Posts

Another major legislative leader is out after a video surfaced showing a romantic relationship with a lobbyist.

Iowa state Senate Leader Bill Dix has resigned after a video showing him kissing a lobbyist at a bar was posted by a local news site. The news outlet Iowa Starting Line posted the video and broke the initial story about the Republican leader earlier this morning. (Full video below)

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The woman in the video is not named but is reported to have worked for “various municipality groups at the Statehouse for the past two years”. The recording is believed to have taken place on March 1 at Waveland Tap.

Iowa Starting Line stated in a tweet Dix had announced his resignation of both the leadership position and his senate seat.

The outlet noted Dix has been the focus of significant sexual harassment stories since the Me Too movement has brought the actions of many abusers to light. Dix appears to have been anything but open about addressing the issues.

The moment at Waveland Tap came just weeks after legislators and staffers at the Statehouse conducted a new sexual harassment training. It also came months after Iowa taxpayers were put on the hook for a $1.75 million settlement from the Kirsten Anderson lawsuit.

Senator Dix has come under significant scrutiny for his role in firing Anderson hours after she reported a toxic work environment and for continuing to insist he did it solely for job performance reasons. He faced a call to resign from one member of the Republican caucus after the initial $2.2 million jury verdict was handed out. He weathered further outrage and calls for him to step down when he refused to make public Senate Republicans’ internal investigation into the matter (they later released it over the Thanksgiving holiday, and the report seemed to contradict some of Dix’s public statements about it).

Democrat Tracy Freese was in line to challenge him in the upcoming election cycle, a midterm that has many Republicans already nervous about a potential blue wave. A special election for the seat could be held before then. ‘

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After the resignation announcement, some lawmakers bashed “the brazenness of Dix’s actions”, considering the apparent date took place “in the middle of a bar in the heart of Des Moines, where everyone is following politics.” It seems Dix wasn’t very concerned about his relationship being found out, considering that fact.

And now he seems to be paying the price for it. Some Republicans just can’t get away with the things the leader of their party appears to get away with and it looks like they haven’t figured that out yet.

Featured image via Bill Dix Facebook page.


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